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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Creating an Altered Book Popup style

Altering books can be a fun way to create something beautiful and personally meaningful out of something that has seen it's better days. Creating something that expresses a rebirth of perhaps a lost idea is for me a deep personal communication of understanding a new value to aging.

There are many ways to alter a book; I'll show you what I have done. I first found an appropriate book, I personally picked The Land of Oz .for its title, it's illustrations, and it is also in the public domain. I always scan through the illustrations to plan where put things in the book that I think represent the story visually.

here are endless supplies that you can use to alter books. Here just the basics of what you need. Be creative and use your problem solving skills.

Tools needed:
X-acto knife or Knives
Book glue, or elmers glue is fine
Cutting Board- I use a large and small one
measuring tool( small metal ruler)
Old book with illustrations
Clear Scotch heavy duty packing tape
Tooth picks
And small sharp scissors
First you need a book to alter. It is best to get a hard backed book old with illustrations in fair condition. Find a book that you love and will compliment the illustrations. I work around the pictures, incorporating them into your work. Be aware that you can not sell the books after they are altered as they will contain the work of others, unless they are in the public domain (1923).Version:1.0 
    The next step is to cut out with a X acto knife each page inside the book leaving a border. I use the small cutting board to measure and I like to leave about an inch on each side, a little less on the binding. The size is up to you, and the shape as well, I prefer a square to work in. Cut out the shape on each page of the entire book. It will look like one of those secret compartment books not glued down.
      After your book is cut, go through the cut pages and choose the illustrations you want to pop in the book set them a side for later.
    Find the middle of the book and divide it use some sort of bookmark, I use a folded paper from the book. Use the glue to glue down the pages one by one just a touch in from the other as to create a nook inside the book and a place to put the cut illustrations.  When you have finished one side of the book, do the other the same way. Let dry for a day.

      Cut the illustrations out with a slight border around the them.  Place the illustrations on heavy duty tape to reinforce, sometimes I use card stock as well.    Cut out the illustrations with the X-acto knife on a cutting board.
      Gluing them in the book is tricky, I use the borders a lot for support, and some need toothpicks hot glued or taped to the backs, this holds them up very well.   As extras sometimes I tear up the pages and use them along the boarders for a real bookish feeling.
      Your book is ready for display!!!!                                                                                        if you have any personal questions I would be delighted to help, just leave a comment.
      feel free to send a picture of your work when you are done,     I would love to post them;)

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  1. OH my gosh! Thanks so much for contacting me on Etsy about this tutorial. I don't know if I have the ability to do something that requires so much patience. But it's definitely on my Bucket List! Such gorgeous work. : )


  2. Hi Susan! I saw your work in a site, looked up for it and found them at Etsy. YOu are very, very talented! And generous! Tomorrow I´ll be posting in the blog "Pollyanna Velha" some of your pictures and linking them to your pages. Thanks very much for being so talented! I would love to see Litle Women or Little house books in your creative hands!

  3. I found a photo of one of your books on Pinterest which I really liked which led me to Esty where I read your profile and saw that you live in McAllen and that led me to your blog! I was class of '77 at McHi. I love your books! and your "about me" on the side bar reminds me of myself! Here's a link to my blog: http://pammcknight.blogspot.com/

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